Donairs to make your belly smile

Donairs to make your belly smile

About Acropolis Pizza

or “About the best pizza in Newfoundland”

Acropolis pizza started from a love of traditional Greek cooking. John Mathioudakis, the owner and head chef – opened the restaurant in 1999.  John began his professional career as a cobbler, sharpening skates and mending shoes.  He had a vision and saw a distinctive lack of quality pizza in the Avalon area – from that idea sprang everyone’s favourite pizza place – Acropolis.  Named from John’s ancestral roots in Greece – Acropolis Pizza marries the traditional Greek method of in_____ culinary delights with the Newfoundland charm.

The menu is a dynamic reflection of trending gastronomical delights – menu items are put through a gruelling process of testing with friends, family and our loyal regulars whom we appreciate with free testing sessions, periodically.

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Getting together has never been more easy – and delicious. Pleasing everyone is a breeze now that Acropolis Pizzeria is can deliver party pizzas and more to your event!

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